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  • Referral

    For those who are under a provider's care for rehabilitation and will be submitting their AlterG treatment to their insurance provider, a medical referral is required.

    Without referral

    For those not under a physician's care, who want to improve performance and prevent injuries from overuse, a medical referral is not needed.

    This is a retail service and cannot be billed to your health insurance. Payment will be due at the time of check-in.

    Initial appointment

    Two types of initial appointments are available. Both types are one-to-one sessions with a physical therapist trained in the use of the AlterG.

    • 90 minutes: $200
      Includes comprehensive running or gait analysis, including video analysis, AlterG-specific shorts, and 25 minutes on AlterG.
    • 60 minutes: $150
      Includes running or gait screening, AlterG-specific shorts, and 25 minutes on AlterG.

    Subsequent appointment packages

    If you wish to continue using the AlterG independently, several packages are available for purchase. You may also purchase single sessions. Prices are listed below.

    • 5 sessions, 25 minutes each - $175
    • 5 sessions, 55 minutes each - $350
    • 10 sessions, 25 minutes each - $300
    • 10 sessions, 55 minutes each - $600
    • Single session, 25 minutes - $40
    • Single session, 55 minutes - $80

    Cancellation policy

    We encourage you to attend all scheduled sessions or to provide adequate notice of cancellation.

    A cancellation one hour or less before the scheduled appointment is considered to be late.

    A late cancellation or no-show, after the first occurrence, is counted as one of your purchased sessions.