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Courage Kenny Sports & Physical Therapy - Albertville

  • Services at this location are provided by Buffalo Hospital.

    To make an appointment, please call 612-262-7900.

    Featured services

    Speech therapy

    Courage Kenny speech therapists in Albertville treat people to improve articulation, language, swallowing, stuttering, apraxia, speech patterns, attention, memory, problem-solving skills, and social communication.

    LSVT Loud therapy for people with Parkinson's Disease is available at this location.

    We also offer a weekly social skills group for children ages 4-10, to help increase their ability to make friends, take turns and interact appropriately with peers.

    Rehabilitation for sports and orthopedic injuries

    Whether you participate in organized athletics or are an avid fan of weekend workouts, you may benefit from sports medicine therapy to help you heal. Our therapists can treat everything from spine injuries to knee injuries or strained muscles.

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  • 11091 Jason Ave NE
    Albertville, MN 55301


    Fax: 763-497-0679