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  • About Courage Kenny Kids staff

    Our staff consists of occupational and physical therapists and speech-language pathologists who have extensive training in pediatric rehabilitation.

    Occupational therapists focus on:

    • strength and fine motor coordination such as reaching, grasping and writing
    • sensory processing, including sensitivity training to touch, movement and noise
    • daily living skills such as feeding and dressing
    • cognitive skills, including problem solving, organization, attention span, and following directions
    • wheelchair positioning and special equipment needs.

    Speech language pathologists focus on:

    • improving the ability to produce speech, put words together and understand language
    • evaluating and treating swallowing problems and feeding disorders
    • oral-motor treatments
    • voice disorders
    • stuttering
    • sign language and other communication systems
    • cognitive skills, including memory and reasoning.

    Physical therapists focus on:

    • increasing flexibility of muscles and joints
    • balance and coordination skills, such as standing on one foot or kicking a ball
    • gross motor skills such as rolling, crawling, running, jumping
    • posture, positioning and equipment needs
    • lower extremity serial casting.