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  • Frequently asked questions for parents

    Does insurance cover the cost of therapy?

    What should my child wear to therapy?

    Who should attend therapy?

    How do the therapists make treatment recommendations?

    Frequently asked questions about scheduling

    In an effort to provide your children the best care possible, we encourage regular and timely attendance at scheduled therapy appointments. Children demonstrate more objective progress toward their goals when they attend appointments consistently.

    Our goal is to provide excellent rehabilitation services and maintain the productivity of our staff by improving scheduling and reducing last minute cancellations.

    Please review your child's printed itinerary report for appointment confirmation. You should receive a copy of this itinerary on your first scheduled therapy appointment. You may request an itinerary report at any time from the schedulers/receptionists.

    How do I know how many appointments to schedule?

    How do I schedule or change an appointment?

    When should I cancel my child's therapy appointment?

    What is Courage Kenny Kids' attendance policy?

    What happens if my child will arrive late for his/her scheduled appointment?