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Transitional Rehabilitation Program

  • 2016 outcomes 

    Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute’s Transitional Rehabilitation Program (TRP) is a personalized, holistic inpatient rehabilitation program. Our facility is a temporary residence for people who need significant rehabilitation. It provides a welcoming, healing environment that uses the latest technology, adaptive equipment and complementary medicine to help people reach be able to move on to community living.


    In 2016, the TRP served 182 clients.

    • 34% of clients were female and 66% percent were male
    • 97% of clients spoke English as their primary language, 3% spoke a language other than English

    TRP age of clients served chart 2016

    TRP race of clients served chart 2016

    TRP diagnoses of persons served chart 2016

    Client satisfaction

    TRP client satisfaction chart 2016

    Client outcomes

    • In 2016, 84% of clients were discharged to the community 

    • On average, clients stayed in the TRP for 77 days

    TRP discharge locations chart 2016

    For more information on outcomes, please call 612-775-2510. For more information on the Transitional Rehabilitation Program, please call 612-775-2837.