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ARMHS outcomes

  • 2015 results

    Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) is a rehabilitative program for people who have a mental health diagnosis along with a brain injury or other physical disability. People learn how to manage and cope with their mental health symptoms, while also regaining skills related to independent living and becoming more involved in the community. Each person receives customized services that are appropriate for them and their goals.

    An ARMHS specialist meets a person in their homes or other locations to provide skills training and support until all goals are met. The time spent with the specialist varies from person to person, and typically decreases as personal goals are achieved. The types of skills that can be strengthened through ARMHS are:

    • managing symptoms related to mental health
    • education about mental health symptoms and available treatments
    • accessing needed mental health services and community resources
    • improving communication and interpersonal skills
    • developing healthy lifestyle skills and practices
    • learning household management skills
    • maintaining a budget for personal finances
    • transitioning into community living
    • using transportation and accessing the community


    In 2015, 182 people were served by an ARMHS specialist.

    • 65% of people were female and 34% were male.
    • 97% of people spoke English as their primary language, 1% various other language, and 2% declined to provide this information.

    ARMHS Age of Persons Served chart

    ARMHS Race of Persons Served chart


    ARMHS Satisfaction chart 1

    ARMHS Satisfaction chart 2-2015


    ARMHS Outcomes chart 2015

    For more information on outcomes, please call 612-775-2510. For information about the ARMHS program, please call 612-775-2204.