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Advisory committee

  • The Allina Health Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Advisory Committee provides support for the Center through consultation and advice regarding program evaluation and development and by handling of student complaints that are brought to its attention, according to the process outlined in the Center's Complaint Policy. Committee membership includes multidisciplinary staff from each Allina Health site and a theological education consultant.

    Current Advisory Committee Members

    Tamara Syverston, chair

    Katie Westman

    Bror Herrick

    Courtney Baechler

    Jennifer Klapek

    Matt Wille

    Robert Benjamin

    Ian Olson

    MariBeth Olson

    Andrea Wichart Tatley

    Maia Hendrickson

    Greg Meland

    Crystal Vogt

    Verlyn Hemmen

    Kim Goodman

    Mark Mallinger

    Joel Jueckstock

    Kyle Vlach

    Jeanine Dorfman

    Allen Dundek

    Steve Robertson

    Craig Malm

    Peggy Thompson