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Orthopedic services

  • Comprehensive orthopedic care, tailored for your specific needs

    Life is about movement. If you have aches, pains or an injury that is changing how you live your life, the orthopedic specialists at Cambridge Medical Center can help. Whether splinting a broken finger, treating a sports injury, or undergoing joint replacement surgery, we have the capabilities to give you the care you need to get moving again.

    What it is

    Your complete orthopedic experience can be found on the Cambridge Medical Center campus, including consultation, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, rehabilitation and recovery. No matter your starting point and no matter your goal, we’re here to support you at each step.

    • General orthopedic care
    • Fracture care
    • Hip replacement, knee replacement
    • Arthroscopic and conservative treatments
    • Foot, ankle, hand, shoulder surgery

    Your care team includes orthopedic surgeons, non-surgical/sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, nurses, podiatrists, physician assistants, certified athletic trainers and more.

    Joint Replacement Program

    Whether it’s caused by aging, injury or disease, chronic joint discomfort can slow you down. The Joint Replacement Program at Cambridge Medical Center offers a welcoming environment with a compassionate and experienced team. And because all services are on one campus, you’ll experience seamless, continuous care. We work together to support you, from pre-surgery consultation, your hospital experience, through successful rehab and recovery.

    Pre-operative and post-operative education: How to better prepare yourself for surgery and recovery, for the best possible outcome.

    Advanced surgical procedures: Surgeons use the latest techniques and strive to make joint replacement surgery as minimally invasive as possible.

    Personal coach: You are encouraged to identify a loved one to serve as your “coach” to help you make milestones in your recovery.

    Individualized care: A physical therapist from Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute will work with you, one-on-one, to help you get back on your feet faster.

    Continuous improvements: We listen to you and make changes based on the feedback you provide.

    Occupational therapy in orthopedics

    Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute® provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment for clients who have an injury or disease of the hand or arm. Our occupational therapists have specialized training and experience in hand rehabilitation. Specific conditions treated include: fractures, tendon injuries, cumulative trauma disorders, arthritis, joint replacement, nerve injuries, amputations, crush injuries, and reconstructive surgeries.


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    Richard Birdwell, DO, orthopedic surgeon  

    Robert Doohen, MD, orthopedic surgeon

    Shelby Hyllengren, DPM, podiatrist  

    Kymberly Vogt, DPM, podiatrist  

    Allina Health Cambridge Clinic 

    Phone: 763-689-8700

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    Surgical services  

    Hip surgery: an easier approach

    Direct Anterior Approach is a minimally invasive surgical approach where a surgeon makes a smaller incision on the front of the hip (near the groin).

    Unlike traditional surgical techniques, this approach works between the muscles versus cutting or detaching them. This may result in more stability for the new joint, less likelihood of dislocation and increased long-term success. Other possible advantages include earlier recovery with less pain and fewer restrictions after surgery.

    This type of hip surgery is not the best option for everyone. Please talk with your surgeon about what options will be the most successful for you.