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What is it?

The cells of our body are mostly made up of water. They also contain small amounts of organic and inorganic material. Properly nourished cells provide us with the building blocks of health. Cell salt therapy attempts to restore the proper balance of the inorganic salts in the cells by providing 12 essential salts that occur in human cells. Cell salts are also known as Schuessler cell salts, for the name of the doctor who first used them.

In 1872, Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler, a homeopathic physician, started prescribing these 12 essential salts to his patients. He believed illness was often related to a lack of one or more of these salts and supplementing the salts to the patient would lead to healing.

Dr. Schuessler thought that giving the mineral salts in large amounts could destroy the function of healthy cells; therefore, he chose to dilute the salts to a (diluted) homeopathic potency. The cell salt powder or pellets would be taken under the tongue and enter the blood stream through the small capillaries in the mouth.

Each of the twelve cell salts are thought to be helpful for many conditions, but the following information covers the main uses of these remedies.

Cell salts are available in liquid drops or in small pellets. Most health food stores carry cell salts and books about how to use them. Many alternative doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths and nutritionists use cell salts in their practices.

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