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Orthopedic patient stories

  • Stories from the heart of our community

    Fred's story


    Fred Naaktgeboren, longtime community member and former Buffalo mayor, traveled with his wife to Switzerland in 2010 to visit his daughter and her family. He soon thereafter realized how much of an impact Buffalo Hospital had on his life.

    Anyone would be grateful for a Swiss adventure, but Naaktgeboren was especially thankful. In both 2009 and 2010, he had knee replacements at Buffalo Hospital. "Promise me you will do the rehabilitation," his orthopedic surgeon, Dana Harms, MD, had said, "and I will fix your knees."

    Deemed "too young" for a total knee replacement, Naaktgeboren had dealt with knee pain for almost a decade when he decided it was time to take action. He chose to undergo his knee replacement operations locally at Buffalo Hospital.

    "I was thankful to have Dr. Harms and an attentive care team by my side," Naaktgeboren said, adding with a laugh, "though I still have issues with the nurse who was much too happy to wake me up at 6:30 a.m. to take my vitals. I am still looking for revenge with her."

    Nicky's story


    As a preschool teacher and a grandmother of three, Nicky Haskins knew addressing her joint pain wasn't an option - it was a necessity.

    After Haskins started feeling excruciating knee pain, a visit to Buffalo Hospital quickly confirmed her suspicions: She needed a total joint replacement.

    Haskins had faith in the abilities of the board-certified orthopedic specialists at Buffalo, but her care was even better than expected. "They were very friendly and concerned about my welfare and the pain I was in," Haskins said. "It was a really good experience."

    Her visits to Buffalo Hospital didn't end with the knee operation. In both May and December 2013, Haskins had hip replacements - surgeries that she said gave her her life back.

    Before each surgery, she attended a preparation class to learn about the procedure and understand postsurgical outcomes. Haskins said the timely diagnoses and these classes allowed her to better plan for her future. With nothing but positive results from Buffalo, Haskins said she recommends it to everyone in need of hospital services. "The care is right there when you need it," she said. "They are absolutely excellent!"