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Gifts of securities

  • In recent years, many of our friends and supporters have enjoyed gains in the stock market and other investments. If a donor has property that has increased in value since owning it, they may wish to consider using it to fund charitable gifts this year.

    Gifts of low-yielding, publicly traded securities, real estate, collectibles and similar properties can be a tax-efficient way to make meaningful gifts to Buffalo Hospital Foundation with little or no effect on current spendable income.

    The donor may give the Foundation appreciated stock or bonds held for at least one year and receive special tax advantage. The donor receives not only a charitable tax deduction for the gift, but the deduction is based upon the current market value of the stock which erases any capital gains tax for which the donor would otherwise be liable.

    A donor considering a gift of securities to the Foundation should have his or her broker contact us in order to transfer the shares to the Foundation's account. The Foundation then will decide to retain the shares or sell them. The gift will be complete upon receipt by us. Alternatively, the donor may send the Foundation the stock certificate and then send a signed stock power with the signature guaranteed under separate cover. In this case, the gift is complete as of postmarking.

    Donors may deduct gifts of appreciated securities each year in amounts totaling up to 30% of their adjusted gross income, with a five-year carry over. The actual deduction will be based upon the average of the high and low valuation on the date of the sale of the securities.

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