Benefits of having an Allina Health account

  • Allina Health offers you a free online account to help you take care of your health when it is most convenient for you. Health is a journey that happens beyond the walls of your clinic or hospital and we will be there to help you – whether it’s a question that pops into you head at midnight or recalling the date of your last tetanus shot. With your Allina Health account, you get:

    If you already have an Allina Health account, sign in under My Account.

    If you’re ready to sign up or upgrade an existing MyChart account, choose Create an Account under My Account, then choose the option that best describes you under To get started.

    View the answers to frequently asked questions about the Allina Health account and accessing your interactive health record (MyChart) online.

    Better communication

    Read visit notes and follow-up instructions (NEW)

    Read detailed provider notes from clinic visits and any follow-up instructions discussed during a clinic, hospital, urgent care or emergency department visit.

    Email your care team

    Send a secure medical message, instead of a phone call, to your clinic or care team when you have:

    • a follow-up question from an office visit or eVisit within the last seven days
    • a request for a referral or a form that needs to be completed
    • sending results of your home monitoring
    • questions about medicines (not a refill request) or a test result
    • other non-urgent questions

    There is no charge for a medical message. You can send a message 24/7 and expect a response to your message within four business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.), except when your clinic is closed. Many messages are answered by the clinic staff, your provider will be consulted if necessary. Your message and the response are kept on file as part of your health record.

    Faster answers

    Schedule and manage appointments

    Avoid being put on hold or overheard discussing sensitive health issues when you manage appointments online. Use your Allina Health account to view upcoming appointments, get reminders when you are due to schedule an appointment, cancel appointments and even schedule most primary care clinic appointments.

    View the list of clinic appointments you can schedule online.

    Do an eVisit

    An eVisit is like an online medical clinic that provides you quick, online care for 17 common conditions and costs just $40 per visit. You can start an eVisit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Learn more about the conditions treated and how to get started.

    Receive lab results

    You no longer have to wait days for lab results to arrive by mail. With your Allina Health account you can receive lab results for most tests within hours, most are released same day.

    Refill prescriptions at any Allina Health Pharmacy

    Quickly request a prescription refill for medications in your interactive health record at any Allina Health Pharmacy. The medication should have refills left on the prescription in order to request a refill. Refills are generally available within 48 hours. If you have no refills remaining, your doctor’s office much approve a renewal before the pharmacy can refill the prescription, which may take up to three business days. You can request refills:

    • for a child or another adult to whom you have proxy access
    • be mailed directly to your home, at no additional charge
    • delivered using concierge service to The Commons, at no additional charge, for Allina Health employees

    Health information organized and at your fingertips

    Manage another’s care with proxy access

    If you manage the care of a child or another adult you can request proxy access to their interactive health record. With proxy access you’ll have the ability to access many of the same online features you do with your own account, including:

    • detailed visit notes and follow-up instructions*
    • lab results*
    • secure email with their care team
    • appointment management*
    • view and pay bills
    • eVisits*
    • prescription refills*

    *Limitations apply to features for children age 13-17.

    Download the child proxy or adult proxy form to request access.

    View your health information

    Your health information is organized and at your fingertips anytime, including a history of your immunizations, medications and vitals, as well as allergies, lab results and health summary so you don’t have to rely on your memory.

    Request health records (NEW)

    Now you can request and download your full health record online using your Allina Health account. 

    Submit health history updates (NEW)

    Share changes in your health history with the clinic prior to an adult health maintenance exam, so you don’t have to spend time filling out paperwork in the lobby.

    Wellness tools

    Write a health care directive

    Create a secure health care directive online that you can share with your care circle to help make your health care and medical treatment wishes known if you’re ever unable to communicate them.

    Set and track health goals

    Achieving your goals is easier with a plan. Use your account to set health goals, record your progress and get reminders to help you stay on track.

    Take a quiz to determine your health score

    This quick quiz determines your health score and uses your answers to personalize resources, tips and advice to help you take charge of your health.

    Track your health numbers

    Enter your blood pressure, cholesterol, weight or other health-related numbers so you can see how they change over time and compare with healthy ranges.

    The information you track using these wellness tools is viewable by only you. The information does not become part of your health record and is not viewable by your provider, clinic or hospital.

    Mobile app

    Use the MyChart mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices, to view limited information in your (and those to whom you have proxy access) interactive health record, including:

    • test results
    • messages
    • appointments
    • medications
    • health reminders
    • health summary
    • billing

    Use the same username and password to sign into the MyChart mobile app as you do for your Allina Health account.

    Account support

    View the answers to frequently asked questions about the Allina Health account and accessing your interactive health record (MyChart) online.