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  • Patient care, safety & experience ratings

    We work hard to provide exceptional service to all who entrust us with their care. That's why you may receive an invitation (from to participate in a patient experience survey after a clinic visit or hospital stay.

    Please tell us what we are doing well and what we can do better. Your reply is important. Here's a snapshot of how patient survey responses and other information is used.

    Patient care in the clinic

    Ratings by condition, cost and patient experience

    We report on how well we are doing in helping patients get the care they need to MN Community Measurement©, a nonprofit entity dedicated to improving the quality of health care in Minnesota.

    Visit to see how we compare to other medical groups in Minnesota.

    Patient care at the hospital

    Ratings by condition and patient experience

    As part of the Minnesota Hospital Quality Partnership, we report on how well our hospitals are doing in the quality of care we provide to patients.

    Patient experience survey results

    To see how we compare with other health care systems, visit

    Patient safety in the hospital

    Visit to see how our  hospitals compare to others throughout the nation in achieving patient safety goals.