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Patient and Family Partnership Program

  • As a patient or family member, you can become an advisor and provide your input and feedback to help shape the way Allina Health delivers care.

    Apply to be an advisor.
    If you are interested in being an advisor, please fill out the online form and follow the submission instructions at the end. A member of the patient experience team will follow up with you.

    Who are advisors?

    If you are at least 18 years old, have been an Allina Health patient or family member of a patient in the last two years, we want to hear about your experience.

    How advisors participate

    A member of the patient experience team will contact you to determine the best way for you to participate based on your experience and background.

    There are several ways to participate:

    • Advisory council: This is an in-person, quarterly meeting of patients and family members who have experienced a variety of care settings across Allina Health.
    • Focus groups: These are in-person or virtual meetings held as needed. Focus groups will provide feedback on topics related to selected medical conditions.
    • Virtual feedback: When there is a need for timely, topic-specific feedback, patients and family members can participate via email conversations, phone interviews or online surveys.
    • Committee participation and panels: When patient and family participation is needed on an ongoing basis, these advisors will be invited to join committees. When the voices of patients and families are needed for meetings, conferences or programs, these advisors will be invited to present their stories either individually or as part of a panel.
  • Questions and answers: Patient and family advisors

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  • Annual report

    Our annual report highlights the incredible strides we've made in growing our culture of patient and family-centered care at Allina Health.

    By working with patient and family advisors, we're improving the experience of all who entrust us with their care.


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    Patient and family partnership program advisory facilitator

    A facilitator leads discussion with patient care advisors.