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Minneapolis Heart Institute at Abbott Northwestern has an app for that emergency

MINNEAPOLIS 11/09/2016

Minneapolis Heart Institute® at Abbott Northwestern partners with more than 40 community hospitals throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin on emergency cardiovascular care. Minneapolis Heart Institute® protocols for caring for patients experiencing cardiac or vascular emergencies are freely available – on the web, in manuals and on emergency department walls.

But posters get removed when walls are painted. Or changes are made to the protocols. The cardiologists found that outdated protocols could live on – on cheat sheets, in old binders and by tradition. So they created an app.

“We believe this is the first of its kind anywhere and will further improve the care of our patients and our ‘connectedness’ with our referring providers,” said Nicholas Burke, MD, director of Emergency Cardiovascular Services at Minneapolis Heart Institute®.

Burke says the best cardiovascular care is possible only when all physicians, nurses and emergency medical service professionals have the most current information when and where they need it. The mobile app – MHI/ANW CV Emergencies – improves the chances that up-to-date, cardiovascular emergency protocols are easily accessible.

The app is free to download, simple to use and compatible with iOS and Android platforms. In addition to having access to the latest protocols, the app also allows providers to call Abbott Northwestern for an immediate cardiology consult or to admit a patient.

Creation of the app was funded by the Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation and produced by Dogtown Media of California.

MHI/ANW CV Emergencies mobile app

The MHI/ANW CV Emergencies mobile app