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Why this matters

  • Why social connection and health equity matters

    As a health care organization, we know health care happens where we live, work and play. That's why we promote and encourage the development of strong social connections through healthy eating and physical activity.  

    Studies have shown people who have strong social relationships enjoy better health. Our social connections give us a deeper sense of purpose and we're more likely to sustain healthy habits if we do them with others in our neighborhood or community. Strong social connections with others also contribute to better health for our communities.

    By identifying challenges, and partnering internally and externally to improve health care equity for our patients and families, we believe we can truly improve the health of our communities. Health equity is the idea that all groups of people experience the same levels of health and healing across race, class and gender; health inequity is the reality that some groups do experience differences in health due to unequal and social determined circumstances.

    Both social connectedness and health equity are driving forces behind the Neighborhood Health Connection program. To learn more about these two concepts, please visit the following websites: