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Order an AED

  • Purchase an AED for your community or organization

    Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are safe and easy to use – even for the minimally trained person.

    We are happy to help you purchase an for your business, community, facility or organization at a pace that is comfortable for you. Steps include:

    • site visit to discuss AED needs, demonstrate various brands of AEDs and identify best suited for your location and discuss Heart Safe program and training options
    • order placed for AED, cabinet and training needs
    • delivery of unit and cabinet in about two to three weeks
    • paperwork and contract reviewed, including a discussion regarding ongoing care and AED site coordinator
    • billing about one month after delivery.

    The process for purchasing an AED from Heart Safe Communities may vary based on your needs. Some organizations spend a few days at each step; others spend a few months. Some groups combine several steps into one meeting; others take it one step at a time.

    Heart Safe AED package

    The Heart Safe Communities AED package includes:

    • AED of choice with case, spare electrodes, ready kit and medical direction (prices vary)
    • wall mount cabinet ($150, surface and recessed)
    • site visit to evaluated AED options and location
    • ongoing assistance with easy ordering of supplies, technical support and AED upgrades.


    The 2015 Allina Heath Heart Safe Grant is closed for the year.


  • For more information

    For more about buying AEDs, call 651-241-4470 or email .