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Allina Health in the community: 2011

  • Good health begins at home, in schools and in the workplace where people shape their own lives and the lives of their families.

    And that's where we can truly make a difference in helping people prevent injury, illness and disease.

    From the generous outpouring of support provided by more than 24,000 Allina Health employees to programs aimed at improving health and wellness, we're changing the way we connect with people.

    "We're engaging with our communities like never before," said Ellie Zuehlke, director of Community Benefit and Engagement. "These partnerships are helping to pave the way to healthier communities now and in the future."

    What is community benefit?

    How much did Allina Health give back to the community?

  • Allina Hospitals & Clinics changed its name to Allina Health to better reflect what we do to keep people healthy.

    This five-minute video shows how Allina Health reaches outside of clinic and hospital settings to improve community members' health, even before they become our patients.