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  • Kids, Teens and Young Adults program

    The Allina Health Kids, Teens & Young Adults Weight Management Program is a resource for kids, teens and young adults to achieve a healthier weight. We provide patients and their families with a medical support system for weight management. Patients need their families and caregivers to be supportive and to fully participate in their weight management program.

    The goals of treatment

    We help kids, teens & young adults lose weight to improve their health and decrease the severity of weight-related health problems, such as diabetes. Patients and their families are given tools to help the patient improve their quality of life and maintain a healthy weight. For some kids, teens and young adults, this may include discussions about weight loss surgery.

    Through the program, families and patients may work with dietitians, medical doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, mental health providers, physical therapists, surgeons and other specialists.

    Patient criteria

    The Allina Health Kids, Teens & Young Adults Weight Management Program is available in Minneapolis at our clinic on the campus of Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

    • Patient is a child, teenager or young adult (age 25 or younger).
    • Patient has full support from family, who will participate in the program with the patient.
    • Patient has a body mass index that places them as overweight or obese on growth charts.
    • Patient is not pregnant.


    Steps to sign up for the programs.

    1. Complete health history form:
    2. Send documents to:
      • Email or
      • Mail to: 
        Weight Management Referral Specialist 
        Mercy Specialty Center 
        11850 Blackfoot St. NW, Suite 300
        Coon Rapids, MN 55433

      If you are not able to open, save, or send the history form, please call 763-236-0940 and a hard copy with a return envelope will be mailed out to you. Or, you may print a copy and mail to Allina Health Weight Management Attention: Referral Specialist, 11850 Blackfoot St. NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433.
    3. Upon receipt of your health history form, scheduling staff will contact you to assist you with individual appointment or group scheduling, depending on your preferred program. 
    4. Please contact our enrollment department at 763-236-0940 with any questions.