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  • Individual program

    The Medical Weight Loss Program offers patients a combination of four components to ensure a patient's weight loss success. All visits will be at one location and appointments are coordinated for patient convenience.

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  • Group program

    Benefits of group medical visits

    • One-on-one medical evaluation by an advanced practice nurse (APRN)
    • Accurate information about nutrition, physical activity and emotional well-being
    • Group format allows for learning from others with the same medical condition
    • Receive support and guidance to make the incremental changes to improve your health

    Class frequency

    This class meets for two hours, every other week, for a total of six classes. If interested, participants can purchase add-on appointments with an exercise physiologist and/or a health coach. This resource is also available to individual program participants.

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    Class components

    The first class will be spent understanding how to create SMART goals and each person will set up their own three month goal to include healthy eating, physical activity and mindfulness/relaxation to promote emotional well-being. 

    In the following weeks, each class will begin with a check of blood pressure, heart rate, height, weight and abdominal circumference by a Licensed Practical Nurse. Group participants will also meet one-on-one with the APRN for five minutes during each week to provide an update on progress since your last check-in.

    Following the individual check-in, classes will include a discussion about a related health topic, review of personal progress towards reaching goal and time to address barriers.