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Weight as a medical issue – not a moral failing

  • Anne Marie had had enough. She had back trouble, pain in both knees that was worsening and depression over the way she felt and looked. Her chiropractor warned her that her spine was "at a tipping point" where her bones would not be able to support her weight any longer, and she was in danger of permanent damage to her back.

    Allina Health’s medical weight loss program gave Anne Marie hope. After a lifetime of failed diets, her medical weight loss providers told her that her weight was a medical issue – not a moral failing. "It still makes me cry when I think of those words," she says.
    She says her knees don’t hurt anymore, her back feels strong, and she swims more than a mile-and-a-half twice a week, along with a weekly kettlebell class and walking. "I have a lot more confidence," she said, "I love the way I look and feel!"

    Program start date: Jan. 12, 2015

    Weight loss after two years: 86 pounds

    Patient tip: "Just get started! You don’t have to be completely ready, because it’s different than other programs. The staff meets with you where you are currently at in your life, and they build a custom plan that starts you off slow. This is not a quick-fix, instant cure. It’s all about learning new, life-long healthy habits."

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