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Making weight management part of life

  • In late 2014, Nicolle Toth suffered from constant back pain and leg numbness. An MRI showed compression on two lower vertebrae. "I was told this is normal for someone in their 60s. I was 44," says Nicolle.

    This was a frustrating wakeup call for Nicolle, who had tried weight loss programs in the past, but struggled with what happens when you go back to ‘real life.’ Her doctor referred her to the Medical Weight Loss Program because she wasn’t looking for the latest fad diet, she wanted to incorporate weight management into her normal life.

    The Medical Weight Loss Program was a great fit for Nicolle who appreciated that she met with a physician to oversee her weight loss journey and had the support of a nutritionist, health coach and exercise physiologist.

    After a year in the program, Nicolle feels like she has the tools and educations to make the right health choices for her lifestyle. “I have confidence that I have never had before. My back and my knees are mine again, I feel strong and able and am very thankful to have been given this opportunity.”

    Program start date: January, 2015

    Weight loss after 12 months: 50 pounds

    Patient Tip: "You will be given expert weight management tools for your real day-to-day life. I have confidence that I’ll continue to be successful in my weight loss journey because I have been given this education and I know that I can always schedule a visit with the nutritionist, health coach or exercise physiologist for support."