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Living life to the fullest

  • Becky Potter knew something in her life needed to change. Despite her active lifestyle and trying various weight loss tactics – nothing seemed to stick. But, after finding out about the Medical Weight Loss Program at Abbott Northwestern she knew she was finally ready to make a major life change.

    Potter had always been an active person, but she wanted to be able to work out feeling more confident and less self-conscious. Once in the program, she made her first goal to meet the weight requirement to skydive, which she was able to do after six months in the program. But, true to her competitive nature, she wasn’t done there. Her next goal was to run another half-marathon. Thanks to her hard work, weight loss and the support of the program’s exercise physiologists, she was able to cut 37 minutes off her previous half-marathon time.

    For Potter, the support and the accountability were the best parts of the program. She loved learning about nutrition from the program’s dedicated dietitians and knowing how much food she needed to fuel and sustain herself in a healthy way. She says, "knowing that someone cared made it a lot easier to make good choices. I had resigned myself to the fact I was just always going to be fat, I didn't know anything different. But now I do and I won't go back."

    Program start date: March, 2015

    Weight loss after 12 months: 68.5 pounds

    Patient Tip: "Do it! You owe it to yourself to be the best possible version of yourself. The doctors and staff are amazing, encouraging, supportive and all around great people to work with." 

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