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I wish I had signed up sooner

  • When Chris Preuss looked in the mirror she no longer recognized herself – and that's when she knew it was time for a change. After learning about the Medical Weight Loss Program at Abbott Northwestern, she was interested, but still waited a few more months to get in the right mind frame before signing up. Now she says, "I wish I had signed up sooner."

    For Chris, the best thing about this program, and what set it apart from other programs, is the team approach that provided different tools to jump start her weight loss journey. "Not only did a physician, who specializes in weight management, oversee my progress, but I really benefited from having a personal dietitian, life coach and exercise physiologist who all worked with me to make the healthy changes I needed and address my personal barriers," says Chris.

    After only six months in the program she feels healthy and energetic. Her blood pressure has decreased and she now recognizes and is proud of the person in the mirror looking back at her.

    Program start date: July, 2015

    Weight loss after 6 months: 22 pounds

    Patient Tip: "Do it! This weight loss program is different from any other I've tried before. A team of experts created a plan specific to my weight loss goals and needs. I liked that I was losing weight in a healthy way and I learned lifestyle changes that will stick with me. In this program, I was the one making the food, rather than picking them up from a program led by people with no formal training."