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Patient stories

  • Kidney transplant patient stories

    brother and sister, Jeff and Judy Wittenberg

    Organ donation: transforming a life
    Judy Wittenberg recalls clearly what her doctor said on the day she had surgery that would allow her to donate a kidney to her older brother, Jeff Wittenberg.

    John Tracy

    Kidney donation chain a first for the region
    John Tracy knew that a beloved family member, Priscilla Deshayes, was receiving dialysis to treat her kidney disease. But a Thanksgiving visit in 2009 left him shaken.

    Priscilla Deshayes

    "It's like winning the lottery"
    For Priscilla Deshayes, kidney disease seemed to come out of nowhere. But the cure came from a family member and four other kidney donors whose generosity resulted in five kidney transplants that occurred in Minneapolis and Fargo during July 2010.