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Sally lived with hip problems related to arthritis

  • sally

    For more than 20 years, Sally lived with hip problems . She increasingly found it difficult to keep up with her active lifestyle, which includes tennis, downhill skiing, yoga and a personal goal of walking at least five miles each day.

    Her surgeon was Scott Anseth, MD, medical director of Abbott Northwestern's Joint Replacement Center. During her hospital stay, Sally participated in group therapy sessions with other patients recovering from joint replacement surgeries and received integrative therapies including aromatherapy and acupuncture from the practitioners of the Abbott Northwestern's Penny George Institute for Health and Healing.

    "Overall, it was a positive experience at Abbott Northwestern with friendly, kind and helpful staff," said Sally. "After surgery, I wasn't in a lot of pain and I went home directly from the hospital in fewer than 48 hours." Her three-story home was set up ahead of time to be easy to maneuver. Goodwill lent walkers, toilet risers, canes and crutches to help her be independent.

    Since her surgery, Sally has returned to her active lifestyle, including her love of travel. "I did so well after my surgery, that Dr. Anseth gave me to the okay to go to Mexico for a week less than one month after surgery. There, I was able to walk four miles a day," said Sally. Within that same year, she traveled to Banff, in the Canadian Rockies where she walked for up to 10 miles each day, climbing the equivalent of 136 flights of stairs. In that first year after surgery, she took a total of 10 trips, including a two-week trip to Europe.

    "A positive attitude, being fit and active, led to very little pain and a smooth recovery. Much can be attributed to the skills and care from Dr. Anseth and the people of Abbott Northwestern-all in all a very easy experience," she said.