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Back to work after bilateral knee replacement

  • For seven years, Jeffrey had delayed knee replacement surgery. The chronic joint pain had been interfering with his daily activities-a sign that surgery might be the right choice.

    After having both knees scoped, he and his surgeon, Tilok Ghose, MD, agreed that surgery was his best option. So, in November 2010, Jeffrey underwent the surgery at Abbott Northwestern's Joint Replacement Center.

    Although a simultaneous bilateral knee replacement is not appropriate for every patient, for Jeffrey and his surgeon, it was the right decision. During his hospital stay, Jeffrey found comfort in the Joint Replacement Center's pain management services, including acupuncture and other innovative approaches designed to specifically address the needs of joint replacement patients.

    An employee in a research and development test lab, Jeffrey was back to work full-time by spring. "I was joyful when I had enough flexibility to move comfortably at home," he said. "The home therapy and support were critical to my recovery."