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Givens Brain Tumor Center

  • Being diagnosed with a brain tumor can feel like an overwhelming, devastating event. It presents patients and their loved ones with life-changing circumstances, leading to a search for the best information, treatment options and support services possible. 

    The Givens Brain Tumor Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital is a world-class center that features coordinated, whole person care and state-of-the art diagnostics and treatment. It is a nationally recognized leader in the diagnosis, management and treatment of adult brain tumors, serving patients from across the country.

    Our providers offer a full range of advanced treatment options for adults with brain tumors, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and radiosurgery, and innovative brain tumor clinical trials. 

    The experts within the Center collaborate to provide comprehensive treatment that address a patient’s mind, body and spirit. We believe each patient deserves excellence in comprehensive care, including cutting-edge technology, from a compassionate staff, in an environment focused on their unique needs.

    Specialists include physicians, surgeons, nurses, advanced practice nurses, care coordinators, care guide, genetic counselors, rehabilitation services, social worker and researchers—all working as a team to provide coordinated, whole person care to patients and their families. 

    We conduct and publish the results of leading-edge clinical research, attract the best and brightest clinicians and connect to the community.

    In addition to a highly specialized group of neurosurgeons, our team includes neuro-radiologists, neuropathologists, neuro-oncologists, radiation-oncologists, nationally accredited neurophysiologists, interventional neuro-radiologists, neurologists and epileptologists.

    About Neuro-oncology

    Neuro-oncology brings together two medical specialties to find and treat tumors in the brain and spine.

    • Neurology is the care and treatment of problems with the nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord.
    • Oncology is the detection and treatment of cancer.
  • Source: Virginia Piper Cancer Institute and John Nasseff Neuroscience Institute
    Reviewed by: John E. Trusheim, MD, medical director of neuro-oncology, Virginia Piper Cancer Institute
    First published: 07/18/2016
    Last reviewed: 06/01/2016