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Stroke Program

  • Expert stroke services have been offered at Abbott Northwestern since 1997.

    Our comprehensive and integrated stroke program combines the expertise of the Abbott Northwestern's Neuroscience Institute and Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute to offer a complete care program.

    Use the BE FAST test to recognize and respond to the signs of stroke

    Balance – Sudden difficulty with balance

    Eyes – Sudden problems with vision in one or both eyes

    Face – Face or smile droops on one side

    Arms- Sudden weakness in arm or leg

    Speech – Unable to repeat a simple sentence, or slurred words

    Time – If you observe any of these symptoms, call 9-1-1 immediately

    Fast action can save brain function when having a stroke. There are a number of effective treatments for stroke, but they are most effective only in the first few hours after stroke symptoms start. Other symptoms you should know:

    • Confusion: Sudden confusion, difficulty understanding language, difficulty thinking
    • Headache: Sudden severe headache, the worst headache of your life

    Learn more about stroke

    These three videos explain:

    • the signs of stroke and the importance of acting FAST
    • what atrial fibrillation or A-fib is, and how it can cause stroke
    • the effective treatments for stroke
  • Transcripts for the stroke videos

    expand to learn moreVideo #1: Fast action saves brain

    expand to learn moreVideo #2: Atrial Fibrillation

    expand to learn moreVideo #3: A-Fib and Ischemic Stroke

  • Certified Comprehensive Stroke Center

    DNV-GL certified comprehensive stroke sealAbbott Northwestern has been awarded certification as a Comprehensive Stroke Center by DNV GL Healthcare. Certification as a Comprehensive Stoke Center is recognition that we are able to offer the highest level of treatment and care available for stroke patients, including advanced neuro-interventional radiology, neurosurgery, and neuro-critical care services.

    Emergency care

    • immediate intervention and management of acute stroke, including intravenous thrombolytic (clot-busting) medication
    • 24-hour coverage by neurologists specializing in stroke
    • neurointerventionalists and neurosurgeons provide state of the art stroke care, including intra-arterial thrombolytic medication, cerebral angioplasty and mechanical clot retrieval

    Hospital care

    • dedicated neuro critical care with nursing staff trained in the management of acute stroke
    • rehabilitation medicine consultation, physical and occupational therapy and speech-language pathology
    • support services for patients and families including a dedicated clinical psychologist
    • superior imaging and diagnostic capabilities to determine cause of stroke and contributing factors, thus maximizing secondary prevention
    • surgery and neurointervention to treat narrowed arteries in the head or neck, including carotid endarterectomy and stents

    Inpatient rehabilitation

    • dedicated team of Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute professionals specializing in stroke rehabilitation
    • multidisciplinary approach to treatment planning and implementation
    • state of the art treatment environment, including an apartment to test daily life situations prior to discharge
    • therapeutic swimming program
    • peer visitor program
    • advanced rehabilitative technologies.

    Outpatient services

    For physicians