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Skull Base Center

  • Our Skull Base Center is one of the few programs nationwide that is committed to the management of skull base disease. The purpose of this program is to offer a comprehensive range of services for patients requiring management of skull base disease.

    We care for patients with conditions that include:

    • meningiomas
    • angiofibroma
    • acoustic neuromas
    • cranialpharyngioma
    • pituitary adenomas
    • chondrosarcomas
    • CSF leaks
    • epidermoids
    • glomus tumors
    • cholesterol granulomas
    • chordomas
    • vascular loop syndromes
    • encephalocele
    • problems pertaining to the facial nerve
    • meningocele

    Our staff

    The team at the Skull Base Center include neurosurgeons, neurophysiologists, neurootologists, otolaryngologists (head and neck surgeons), neurologists, neuro- and interventional radiologists, radiation and medical neuro-oncologists and craniofacial surgeons. They are supported by a dedicated group of nurses and nurse specialists, and physical and vestibular therapists.

    Technology for treatment

    Abbott Northwestern has invested intensely in the technology necessary for precise treatment of skull base disease. With the help of three-dimensional computer modeling, computer-based navigation systems and intra-operative neuromonitoring physicians are able to diagnose and treat patients effectively.

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