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  • Dr. Eleanor OrehekMedical director: Dr. Eleanor Orehek

    I have been caring for patients with Parkinson's Disease since 2009 when I started neurology residency at Boston University. I am happy to have been able to return here to my home state of Minnesota to continue in this care. It was during residency in Boston that I found an interest and passion for, not only the medical aspects of the disease, but the human side of treating people with Parkinson's Disease. Working with patients and their families, learning patients' stories and coming up with a care plan that addresses their individual needs is what motivates and inspires me. What you start to realize as a physician is that there's a limit to what you can do during the clinic visits. How that care plan is implemented largely depends on the patient themselves, and other people in their care network, the caregivers, therapists, support groups, as well as access to good information and ways to exercise. I am thrilled to be involved with an organization like the APDA that aims to help fill in these gaps for patients and their families and works with communities on awareness and education.

    Information & Referral Coordinator

    Anushka Mohideen
    Office hours: Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    Contact Anushka if you or a loved one has questions about Parkinson’s Disease, or if you want to learn about events, classes and other resources that are available to you.