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Spiritual care

  • Our mission

    Rooted in theological integrity and sacred traditions, we minister to the human condition to foster individual and corporate healing, meaning and hope.

    Spiritual care is an important part of the healing environment at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Chaplains are available to patients and their loved ones for support, comfort, guidance and advocacy. An interfaith chapel, near the main hospital east lobby, is a place for people of all faiths to meditate and pray.

    Our scope of practice

    • Quality spiritual care: Responding to the deepest healing needs of patients and their loved ones through spiritual assessment, care and counseling in collaboration with health care staff.
    • Clinical education for ministry: Developing competent, spiritually and ethically sensitive professionals in ministry, through the clinical education program.
    • Leadership in ethics: Promoting values of a just and compassionate society with the hospital, health system and broader community.


    Chaplains respect all religious or spiritual preferences and collaborate with hospital staff to give patients the best care possible including:

    • attending to the spiritual and emotional well-being of patients and their loved ones
    • listening and assisting in making meaning of their health care experience
    • providing spiritual guidance, devotions, rituals and sacraments
    • offering compassion and counseling in the midst of injury, illness and frightening life changes
    • contacting places of worship and clergy or other spiritual leaders
    • consulting on ethical issues and health care decisions
    • providing spiritual and emotional support for hospital staff

  • Spiritual care staff

    expand to learn moreRev. Dr. Verlyn Hemmen

    expand to learn moreRev. Paula Bidle

    expand to learn moreRev. Nancy L. Brown

    expand to learn moreRev. Ken Burg

    expand to learn moreRev. Kimberly Goodman

    expand to learn moreRev. Mark Mallinger

  • Contact us

    To request a chaplain visit, Catholic priest or Jewish Rabbi, call 612-863-4370.

    Chaplains are in the hospital on weekdays and on-call at all times. Urgent requests should be directed to a nurse who will contact the on-call chaplain.

    Catholic communion volunteers provide communion to catholic patients on Thursdays and Sundays.

    Spiritual Care at Abbott Northwestern Hospital