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A cardiac wake-up call and care that changed a life

  • Years after working as a registrar in Abbott Northwestern Hospital’s Emergency Department, Kim Neuman returned. But this time it was as a patient in need of life-saving care for a heart attack.

    Neuman’s cardiac wake-up call came in June 2013.

    That’s when she experienced chest pressure over several days. “I blew it off at first,” Neuman said. She initially thought her COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) had flared up. Then she realized the chest pressure wasn’t going away.

    Within minutes of driving herself to her doctor’s office, Neuman was rushed by ambulance to Abbott Northwestern. Doctors placed three stents to open blocked arteries. “Almost immediately, I felt like a new woman,” she said.

    But Neuman knew that the heart procedure was only the first step in regaining her health. Fortunately, the Minneapolis Heart Institute® had everything she needed to recover – from nutritional guidance and ongoing cardiology care, to treatment with a new cholesterol drug as part of a clinical trial.  

    After having limited success with standard cholesterol medications, Neuman was thrilled to see significant improvement with the new medication. “I’ve also switched to a low-carb diet and have lost 70 pounds,” she said.

    “I’m so grateful for the care I received and thankful for the research study that I was in,” said Neuman. “I feel great – even better than I felt when I was 30.”

    In addition to emergency cardiac care, Minneapolis Heart Institute® at Abbott Northwestern offers leading-edge care for any cardiovascular health need. Much of its innovative work is supported by philanthropy, including that provided by the Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation and its generous donors.

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    Kim Neuman

    Kim Neuman