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What Dr. Jason Reed really learned from biology

  • Following a rigorous biology exam in high school, Jason Reed beamed when he saw an “A” on his test. 

    His teacher, however, kept a stern face and said, “Now I know what you can do.”

    That lesson stuck, Reed said. “It was a shift from being comfortable with good to striving for great.”

    That drive has served Reed well. He followed in the footsteps of his father ― a doctor and “healer” who always welcomed sick patients into the Reed home even on weekends or after hours, he said. 

    And today, Reed is chief of the Medical Staff at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, where he did his residency and has practiced internal medicine for more than 20 years.

    “My job description, simplified, is to ensure the quality of care for all who cross our threshold.  It’s a great responsibility, and I hope to make meaningful differences,” he said. “I couldn’t do what I do without the work of the amazing nurses, physicians and world class programs of Abbott Northwestern.”

    Reed also serves on the Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation board and is a generous donor himself.

    Beyond the feel-good aspect of giving and the lesson of charity he wants to teach his five children, Reed said he gives back because he believes “good is the enemy of great,” and philanthropy helps Abbott Northwestern excel.

    “If we don’t take ownership and pride in this iconic institution, can we be certain that someone else will?” he said, “New ideas around research, education, facilities, patient care models and programs are our greatest strength.”

    “Philanthropy is the reason Abbott Northwestern exists,” he said, and “the Foundation’s donors enable the hospital to excel.”

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    Dr. Jason Reed

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