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Unique funding opportunity supports spiritual healing

  • Abbott Northwestern Hospital’s Ewe Memorial Chapel is appropriately located in the heart of a bustling medical complex, said Verlyn Hemmen, director of Spiritual Care at Abbott Northwestern.

    “For many people, the heart of healing is centeredness and focused spirituality,” he added, noting that the chapel is really the only space in the hospital that lends itself to quiet reflection, especially for patients and families dealing with illness and the anxiety and fear that can go with it.

    Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation is seeking charitable support to renovate the chapel space and create a new Prayer and Reflection Center. The chapel was originally built in the 1980s with a generous gift from the late Caroline Ewe. When it was designed, it was intended for the Christian tradition. “Our goal is to create a space that better serves and welcomes an increasingly diverse community of patients, families and employees,” said Hemmen.

    The new Prayer and Reflection Center will offer a more light-filled, welcoming environment. It will also provide more options for individual and small group use, while remaining flexible enough for Catholic mass and other forms of worship.

    “This is a space with a vital, meaningful purpose for our patients, families and employees,” said Dawn Fish, senior development officer, Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation. “Through donations, we can update the space to have meaning for everyone who walks through our doors.”

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    612-863-9353 or email to learn more or make a gift.

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    Rendering of new prayer and reflection center