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Retired nurse helps other nurses achieve their career goals

  • Anita Thompson wanted to be a nurse from the age of 5. That dream was fulfilled in her early 20s as she graduated from the Northwestern School of Nursing and began a life-long nursing career at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

    Now retired, she has found a way to help others achieve their career dreams. She has included Abbott Northwestern in her estate planning, making a planned gift that will, upon her death, establish the Anita Thompson Nursing Continuing Education Fund.

    "This gift is about my love of the hospital and my love of nursing," said Thompson, who worked at Abbott Northwestern for 40 years.

    She was a nurse in the WomenCare® Program, eventually becoming a nurse manager in gynecology medical/surgical care. She later helped coordinate care for gynecology oncology patients and also worked in reproductive medicine.

    "I loved being a nurse. I think it's important to support nursing, and I want to help others further their education in nursing," she said.

    Thompson herself benefited from scholarship funds that were available when she was working at Abbott Northwestern. "I wouldn't want someone to be unable to pursue an interest in nursing just because they couldn't afford it - I want to do whatever I can to help."

  • Planned giving

    To learn more about planned and legacy gifts, contact Rich Meyer by email or at 612-863-4005.

    Anita Thompson

    Anita Thompson