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An enthusiastic supporter gives from the heart

  • When Jack Spillane says Abbott Northwestern Hospital and Minneapolis Heart Institute® are close to his heart, he means it in more ways than one.  

    His connection began by making charitable donations with his wife, the late Elva Walker Spillane, who also served on the Abbott Northwestern Hospital Board of Directors. As a business executive and philanthropist, he has had a long-standing commitment to supporting the exceptional care and innovation that characterizes both organizations.  

    He never expected to need that care himself. After his health declined rapidly in 2008, he was hospitalized at Abbott Northwestern and learned he needed a complicated heart surgery.

    It was his experience as a patient that led him to include Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation in his estate plan and become a President’s Circle donor. For Spillane, it’s a way to ensure that his admiration for innovative doctors and gratitude for excellent care will live on after his passing. 

    “They saved my life, and I think the world of what they are doing,” said Spillane.

    Cardiothoracic surgeon Tom Flavin, MD, led the team that operated on Spillane to replace two heart valves, repair another valve, perform a procedure to correct a heart rhythm problem and do a coronary artery bypass.

    Spillane made a full recovery and resumed his active lifestyle. He continues to be monitored by doctors at Minneapolis Heart Institute®, including Charles Gornick, MD, a heart rhythm specialist. 

    The experience made an impression on Spillane. “The nurses are top notch and really think on their feet. I’m a business guy, and I notice when things run smoothly,” he said. He’s also interested in the latest cardiovascular innovations and is amazed at the work being done by the doctors.  

    “I consider myself to be low tech, so to me, it’s like science fiction to hear about all the things they are doing. I tell everyone they should go to Abbott Northwestern.” 

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    Jack Spillane with doctors

    Jack Spillane (middle) with Minneapolis Heart Institute® Physicians Tom Flavin, MD, (left) and Charles Gornick, MD.