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Medication protocols

  • Thank you for your interest in Abbott Northwestern Hospital's medication protocols. Direct questions about and problems with computer-related technical issues to your Information Services resources.

    If you have questions about protocol content or operation, please contact Shelley Shepherd, PharmD MS at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, 612-863-5149, or email her at

    How to view our files

    The medication protocols are available in two formats: eMbedded Visual Basic for Pocket PC and Microsoft Excel. The protocol content is the same for both formats. Choose the format which best suits your needs.

    eMbedded Visual Basic Runtime

    eMbedded Visual Basic Runtime allows you to store the medication protocols in your Pocket PC. The files can be put where you want them in your Pocket PC. At Abbott Northwestern, our files are organized in folders in the Pocket PCs and accessed through hyperlinked menus.

    To run the protocols, you need Microsoft eMbedded Visual Basic Runtime installed on your Pocket PC. If you use the electronic text, UpToDate, on your Pocket PC, you already have this file installed. Otherwise, access the internet and download the eMbedded Visual Basic Runtime installer onto your Pocket PC. eMbedded Visual Basic Runtime download site.

    Microsoft Excel

    At Abbott Northwestern Hospital, medication protocols formatted as Excel workbooks are centrally deployed to personal computers on nursing stations throughout the hospital for use by nursing and pharmacy staffs to dose and monitor medications.

    Depending upon how your Excel software defaults are set, you may get a message stating,

    "FILE NAME.xls contains macros. Macros may contain viruses. It is always safe to disable macros, but if the macros are legitimate, you may lose some functionality."

    Please note that these medication protocol files will only function properly if you click the ENABLE MACROS button.

  • Source: Medication Protocols-Abbott Northwestern Hospital
    Reviewed by: Shelley Shepherd, PharmD, MS; Terry Rosborough, MD
    First published: 06/24/2004
    Last reviewed: 03/16/2007

  • Contact us

    For questions about medication protocols please contact Shelley Shepherd, PharmD MS 612-863-5149 or email.