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Clinical Council

  • Formed in April 2002, Abbott Northwestern's Clinical Council is comprised of physician leaders and members of the Abbott Northwestern senior management team. Physician members have been selected for their leadership ability, strategic orientation and representation of Abbott Northwestern's Centers of Excellence.

    The mission of the Clinical Council is to bring clinical perspective to administrative decisions, enhancing care and shaping strategy. 

    The mission has three supporting goals:

    • use the experience and judgment of physicians to guide operations and planning 
    • consider and inform the opinion of the Medical Staff regarding administrative issues  
    • develop and empower physician leaders
  • Clinical Council Physician Members

    Lee Arostegui, MD

    Ben Bache-Wiig, MD

    Michael Cummings, MD

    Kurt Elting-Ballard, MD, MPH

    Scott Flaata, DO

    Brian French, MD

    Timothy Garvey, MD

    Dawn Johnson, MD

    William Katsiyiannis, MD

    Thomas J Keul, MD

    Bill McDonald, MD

    Mark Migliori, MD

    John Mrachek, MD

    Frank Norberg, MD

    Dennis O'Hare, MD

    Bill Parham, MD

    Ronald Peterson, MD

    Jason Reed, MD

    Lisa Schneider, MD

    Timothy Sielaff, MD, PhD

    Chase Sovell, MD

    Donald Wothe, MD

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