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A great match - Ogi Eyewear frames and EYE kids

  • When Phillips Eye Institute’s award-winning Early Youth Eyecare (E.Y.E.) Community Initiative expanded to serve St. Paul Public Schools in 2014, the number of students it served doubled within a year.

    Fortunately, dedicated vendors like Ogi Eyewear were up to the challenge. The Minneapolis-based company had donated eyeglass frames to the E.Y.E. program since it began serving Minneapolis Public Schools in 2008. When approached about the expansion to St. Paul, Ogi Eyewear founder and designer David Spencer had no hesitation.

    “Every year as the need has grown, our participation has grown along with the program,” said Shelley Jacobs, director of Business Affairs.

    The company has donated thousands of frames over the years. “We closely work with the program to make sure they have a good selection of frames, and we do our best to accommodate the variety of needs – with styles for boys and girls, and also some young adult frames,” explained Sheri Sherling, director of Merchandising.

    “It’s important for us to provide high-quality frames to our kids and that’s one of the reasons our partnership with Ogi Eyewear is invaluable,” said Cody Engelhaupt, Community Programs coordinator for Phillips Eye Institute. “The frames can withstand activities like playing at recess or horsing around with siblings – and the kids love the frames they receive. They are always excited to put on their new Ogi Eyewear frames.”

    According to Jacobs, the Ogi Eyewear team values the relationship it has developed with Phillips Eye Institute Foundation. “The desire to help others is part of our culture at Ogi Eyewear. This has been a fruitful relationship in so many ways.”

  • OGI Eyewear staff at Urban Cocktail Party

    Ogi Eyewear staff at the 2015 Urban Cocktail Party.