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Unity Hospital

Together, Ken and Kris are 212 pounds lighter!

Ken Schanberger before and after photo

Ken Schamberger, of Austin, MN, suffered from diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea, which required him to use a CPAP machine, while at his highest weight of 283 pounds. He had a BMI of 43.6. He and his wife, Kris, who also struggled with her weight, attended the weight loss surgery informational meeting to consider their options. "I saw the statistics on losing weight on my own versus surgery, and I knew I wanted to lose the weight permanently," Ken said. "Dr. Jeff Baker spoke and readily answered questions. Both my wife and I were very impressed with him and the program's accreditation. We both left that night knowing we were going to have surgery."

Post weight loss surgery

Post-surgery, Ken was very excited with some immediate results. His A1C levels were normal. "They talk about resolution of diabetes as a miracle of the operation. Even though they don't know why this happens, I was really happy it happened to me." Ken's blood pressure also normalized and his sleep apnea resolved.

"My primary care doctor prescribed a daily regimen of a baby aspirin as a preventative measure. With my history of high blood pressure, as well as my family history, (his father died from a heart attack) he thought it was best. Unfortunately I developed ulcer disease, so I have since discontinued the aspirin. I now will be on ulcer medication for the rest of my life, but this is a small price to pay." Ken also was experiencing low energy levels. His blood work showed his iron levels were below average. Since beginning a Vitron C supplementation, his energy returned to normal.

Since losing weight

Ken is an avid sport pilot and said prior to surgery his weight limited the types of planes we was able to fly. "Since surgery, I have a lot more choices. I recently bought a one-seat airplane, which I could never have fit into or flown before surgery. I am in the process of buying a second vintage two-seat airplane that my wife and I can fly in together."

Ken said that in order to maintain his successful weight loss, he has to follow the guidelines religiously. When he does, life is great! Ken now enjoys biking, camping and flying. "If I were to describe my life today with one word, I would say – active!" Together, Ken and Kris are 212 pounds lighter!