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Unity Hospital

"Before surgery, I really hated cauliflower. Now I find I actually enjoy it! Who would have thunk?"

Jeffrey Erdos before and after photo

Robbinsdale resident, Jeffrey Erdos, said a lot changed with his weight loss, including his taste in food! He is also happy to now wear clothes he likes, not just clothes that fit. Long gone are the baggy shirts he used to hide behind. For Jeff, weight was not a life-long battle, but one that correlated with a job change ten years ago.

For much of his early life, Jeff worked in trucking. It required long hours and a great deal of physical activity. He didn't worry about diet or weight; he was more concerned with getting enough calories to sustain himself throughout his 14-hour-day. This all changed when Jeff joined Metro Transit. His physical activity became virtually non-existent, but his eating habits remained the same.

Over the course of ten years, Jeff gained 100 pounds, topping out at 270 pounds. He began experiencing joint pain and had difficulty walking. He worried about his family's history of heart disease. Jeff said he often wondered if he would be next. All of this led him to begin researching bariatric surgery. Coupled by his motivation and inspiration of a friend who had a successful gastric bypass, and subsequently significant weight loss, Jeff began his own journey back to a healthy lifestyle.

Why the Unity Hospital Bariatric Center?

Why the Unity Hospital Bariatric Center? Jeff said he really did his homework. "During my research into the procedures, I came across several forums that talked about Dr. Jeff Baker and his father (Dr. Daniel Baker, now retired), and their expertise and years of experience. I decided that if I were to have surgery, it would be with one of these two doctors."

Jeff underwent surgery with Dr. Jeff Baker in September of 2011. He described his experience with the Unity Hospital Bariatric Program in one word - wonderful. "I can't really say that any one person in the program stands out, because I think all the folks I worked with have been very helpful and extremely professional. They did me a great service, as well as others who come into the program to seek a better quality of life. I give kudos to everyone!"

Jeff noted that he plays by the rules and is careful in his food choices. "I am very mindful of how my stomach feels while I'm eating. If something doesn't seem to feel good going down, or makes me feel a little ill, I don't continue to eat it. I know my limits and, for me, I keep it simple. No sugar- no heavy carbohydrate meals. If I stick to this, I feel great."

Jeff's life today

And today, how does Jeff describe the other changes in his life? "With my new found, or rather re-found confidence, I decided I would attempt to apply for another position at my workplace. It turned out well for me. I got the job. I am not afraid to go after the things in life I want."

Jeff now looks and feels like a different person. He lost nearly one half of himself, now weighing in at 154 pounds with a BMI of 23. As for his fear about heart disease, that no longer crosses his mind!