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Unity Hospital

Unity Hospital Birth Center

Birth center at Unity Hospital

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More birth options
with nurse-midwives

Unity Hospital is proud to partner with Allina Health Fridley Clinic to offer certified nurse-midwifery services focused on individualized and holistic care throughout pregnancy and a safe and satisfying birth experience.

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We're honored to be a part of this special time in your life

The Birth Center at Unity Hospital is a special place to celebrate new life that's dedicated to partnering with women to best fulfill their birth experience vision.

Our expert and caring staff listen to your needs and wants to create a personalized experience for you.

What you will find

  • Expert staff: Experienced, compassionate doctors, midwives and nurses dedicated to caring for new moms and babies
  • Private birthing rooms: Our birthing rooms feature soaking tubs and showers, TVs, CD/DVD player and wireless Internet access
  • Water birth delivery: Your water birth will occur in a caring, home-like environment and be supported by an experienced birth center care team specially trained in water births. You must meet certain criteria to consider a water birth delivery. Please talk with your provider to see if a water birth delivery may be an option for you.
  • Breastfeeding Support: You can count on us for counseling, information and support before, during and after your stay. Our experts include board-certified lactation consultants.
  • Doulas: A doula, or birth assistant, can provide you with personalized attention and support to you and your partner throughout your stay. Doulas are available when requested, or you are welcome to bring your private doula with you.
  • Midwives: A certified nurse-midwife (CNM) is a registered nurse who has a graduate or doctoral degree in midwifery, providing well-woman, preconceptual, prenatal, and postpartum services. The experienced midwives at Allina Health Fridley Clinic attend births at Unity Hospital.
  • Level II nursery: For babies who are born prematurely, or have special health care needs
  • Dining: Room service for food-made-to-order from our dietary department
  • Translation Services: Language translation services

Find a provider who delivers at Unity Hospital

If you are interested in delivering at Unity Hospital, check out our comprehensive list of providers who care for patients at our Birth Center. Providers who deliver babies at Unity Hospital.

You are encouraged to preregister for your hospital stay before the 28th week of your pregnancy. Register online here.

Tour the Birth Center

Expecting parents are invited to tour the Birth Center. Tours are held Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. Please call us at 763-236-4400 to let us know you are coming.

Click on the photos below to take a virtual tour of the Birth Center.

Our commitment to you

Birth center at Unity Hospital

Water birth delivery

At Unity Hospital, water birth deliveries occur in a caring, home-like environment and are supported by an experienced, specially trained care team. Please talk with your provider to see if a water birth delivery may be an option for you. Learn more.

We are committed to honoring your birth plan, however we ask you to remain open and flexible to changing plans if there are complications in your delivery.

We suggest reviewing your birth plan wishes with your nurse. In addition to our dedicated and caring nursing staff, we proudly offer a doula program that provides more physical, emotional and informational support during labor.

We also encourage you to ask questions of your provider during your prenatal visits about your ideal birth experience.

Checking into the Birth Center

Getting to the Birth Center at Unity Hospital is easy. It is best for you to call us (763-236-4400) before you arrive at the Birth Center, so we can be ready to greet you!

  • During the daytime hours: Enter through the main entrance of Unity Hospital. Your driver can park at the front door circle drive and help you into the hospital. There is no need to stop in admitting when you arrive at the hospital. Take the East Elevators to the Birth Center on the fourth floor to check in.
  • If you arrive at night (after 9 p.m.): You can enter through the emergency department entrance. The guard there will direct you to the East Elevator to access the Birth Center on the fourth floor. There is ample, convenient and free parking at Unity Hospital.

Pain Management

Our goal is to help you be as comfortable as possible. Please talk with your provider about our pain management options which include medications, massage, aromatherapy, relaxation techniques, hydrotherapy and others.


While you are with us at the Birth Center, we encourage you to “room-in” with your baby. Rooming-in keeps your baby where he or she feels comfortable, which is with you. Research supports that when babies room-in, they feed better, cry less and lose less weight.

First Hour Care

The first minutes and hour after your baby’s birth are a very special time for you and your baby. It is a time for you to get to know each other and spend private time together as a new family.

Immediately after your baby is born, if neither mom or baby require any special care, we will give you an opportunity to have uninterrupted quiet time with your baby. We will help you cuddle with your baby by placing him or her skin-to-skin with you. Cuddling with your baby skin-to-skin has many benefits for both mother and baby.

  • Keeps baby warm
  • Helps regulate baby’s blood sugar
  • Reduces crying
  • Promotes bonding
  • Improves milk supply

Special care nursery - level II

For newborns requiring special care, physicians with Minnesota Neonatal Physicians at Children's Hospital-Minneapolis are available daily in the special care nursery at Unity Hospital. They collaborate with our neonatal nurse practitioners who are available 24 hours a day and provide care or consulting for many of the babies admitted to the special care nursery.


For more information, call the Birth Center at 763-236-4400.

Baby Cafe

Unity Hospital's Baby Cafe is a free, drop-in center for pregnant and breastfeeding moms to consult with an international board-certified lactation consultant.

The Cafe is every Monday, 10 a.m. to noon, Unity Hospital Education Center. For more information, call 763-236-3427.

Our staff would like to help make your breastfeeding experience a positive one. Our nurses are very skilled at helping you with breastfeeding and we have certified lactation consultants to help with complex breastfeeding issues.

Our lactation consultants and educators are available to meet with you to answer questions and assist you with your breastfeeding needs.

Breastfeeding support at home

If you need additional help with breastfeeding after going home, call us at 763-236-3427 and leave a message with your question.

  • Calls to the breastfeeding line will be answered within 24 hours.
  • You can also schedule outpatient breastfeeding appointments for a small fee.
  • The breastfeeding line is for feeding questions.
  • If your baby is ill, please contact your baby's physician.

If at any time you wish to speak directly to a nurse about breastfeeding, call the unit at 763-236-3400 and ask for a lactation educator.

Breastfeeding supplies

Breastfeeding supplies are available at Unity through Allina Health Home Oxygen and Medical Equipment. Items available include breast pumps and accessories, nursing bras and slings. Gift certificates are also available. Ask about these services during your stay, or contact this department directly at 763-236-3225.

In addition to classes held on our unit, we also offer a broad range of classes to help your family prepare for birth and caring for your new family member.

Baby Cafe

Unity Hospital's Baby Cafe is a free, drop-in center for pregnant and breastfeeding moms to consult with an international board-certified lactation consultant.

The Cafe is every Monday, 10 a.m. to noon, Unity Hospital Education Center. For more information, call 763-236-3427.

All About Babies

This class provides expectant and adoptive parents with important information about infant care and development.

Baby Sign Language - Small Talk

Babies hear and understand language before they can speak. This a sign language class can help hearing parents and their hearing infants and toddlers communicate effectively.

Breastfeeding Preparation: Lactation Basics

This class includes an introduction to breastfeeding and resources for ongoing support. Whomever will support you after your baby is born is encouraged to attend.

Childbirth Preparation - Weekend Express

This weekend class focuses on preparation for labor, birth and newborn safety. It is recommended you complete this class no later than one month before your due date.

Childbirth Preparation - Weekly Series

This class focuses on preparation for labor, birth and newborn safety. You will also tour the birth center at your hospital. We recommend completing this class one month before your due date.

Coping with Labor

Become an active participant in your own labor. Topics include tools to help you cope with labor, including labor affirmations, massage, labor positions, imagery, music and aromatherapy. We recommend completing this class no later than one month before your due date.

Expectant Father

This class focuses on the needs, expectations and fears of expectant and new fathers. Examine the issues of childbearing and child raising from a male perspective.

Infant Massage

Infant massage is a form of nurturing touch that has physical and psychological benefits for infants and parents. This class is for parents with infants, ages three weeks to one year. Attend with your infant to receive individual help to address baby's needs.

New Brother New Sister

This class helps prepare children, ages 2 1/2 to 10, for a new baby's arrival and their roles as a brother or sister. This class is best taken during the last two months of pregnancy.

Refresher Birth and Parenting Preparation

Even if you've attended a birth preparation course with a previous pregnancy, you may still have questions about labor and birth. Topics include comfort measures, new options in maternity care, and adjusting to another child. Try to complete the class about a month before your due date.

Twins, Triplets or More

If you are expecting twins, triplets or more, you can learn about the unique joys and challenges of multiples. This class is designed to promote a safe and healthy pregnancy and to prepare you for labor, delivery and early parenting.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

This class is for the woman and her partner who previously had a Cesarean birth and are considering a vaginal birth with this pregnancy. It should be taken during the second trimester.