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Unity Hospital

Allina Health Mental Health at Unity Hospital

Mental health services

For more about mental health services at Unity Hospital, call 763-236-5949.

Unity Hospital provides mental health and substance abuse treatment tailored to the needs of the individual. We are dedicated to improving our clients' quality of life by providing the support and tools needed for successful recovery.

For more about mental health services at Unity Hospital, call 763-236-5949.

The role of Allina Health Mental Health is to provide early detection and treatment of mental health and substance abuse issues, consultation and education, and coordinated access to services throughout the entire continuum of mental health and substance abuse care.

Assessment and referral

For more information about Mental Health services at Unity Hospital call

Assessment and referral staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the Emergency Department (ED) for people who:

  • are experiencing acute emotional distress
  • feel overwhelmed and don't know where to turn
  • are losing control to the point of harming themselves or others
  • need help for chemical dependency or substance abuse issues
  • need referrals to support groups, outpatient care, community resources, hospitalization or other specialized services

Assessment and referral: Questions and answers

Assessment and referral is a hospital-based mental health service that responds to mental health or substance abuse crisis. Services are provided in the Emergency Department (ED) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What can you expect?

Substance abuse services

Mental Health substance abuse services are at Unity Hospital

For more about substance abuse services at Unity Hospital,
call 763-236-4500.

The road to change could start here.

Substance abuse assessments are provided on a daily basis and walk-ins will be accommodated if possible.

  • Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • To schedule an assessment, please call 763-236-4500.

Outpatient programs

  • Day outpatient: An intensive, four day-per-week group program.
  • Evening outpatient: Similar to the day program, the evening outpatient program is an intensive, four day-per-week program.
  • Relapse prevention program: Clients will attend the relapse prevention program three times per week. Focus is on those who have had prior treatment.
  • Outpatient care: Participants attend these group outpatient programs once per week.

These programs are designed for those affected by chemical dependencies and who have a supportive living environment. An individualized treatment plan is developed to meet the needs of each client. The Day, Evening and Relapse treatment programs are intensive and highly structured. An important component ot the programs is regular involvement of family members or concerned persons.

Clients are also encouraged to attend 12 step meetings and to become acquainted with recovery philosophies. Weekly attendance for two hours of continuous care may be recommended for up to 12 weeks after completion of a primary care program.

To refer, to schedule or for more information, please call 763-236-4500.

Inpatient programs

Programs are targeted at clients requiring inpatient medical stabilization and substance abuse rehabilitation. These clients may require 24-hour nursing care and medical management for seizure and withdrawal symptoms. The unit is locked for patient safety and to provide care for clients on 72-hour holds. Following initial assessment, each client is provided with an individualized treatment plan. The program is Minnesota Department of Human Services licensed as a residential rehabilitation program.

To refer, to schedule or for more information, please call 763-236-4500.

Goals for our programs are to:

  • help the client identify and accept chemical dependency
  • provide knowledge about the disease of chemical dependency
  • lay the foundation for long-term sobriety with serenity
  • lead the client through the first five steps of 12 step programs
  • educate families and concerned persons about chemical dependency
  • help the client start the process of building healthier relationships
  • promote healthier thinking about life
  • help the client develop an aftercare plan to prevent relapse
  • encourage long-term participation in 12 step programs and self-help groups


Our nurses help persons deal with physical discomfort while experiencing withdrawal from alcohol, cocaine, narcotics or other drugs.

Health questionnaire for outpatient clients

On the day of admission, staff will ask you to complete a health questionnaire. The questionnaire will be reviewed by the medical director to determine if a health history and medical exam is required from the client's physician. If medical problems are indicated, the client will need to seek appropriate medical attention. Recovery includes eliminating medical problems.


Insurance coverage will be verified to determine the client's financial responsibility. If insurance covers 80 percent or more, a payment schedule may be arranged with our business office for the remaining balance. You can reach the business office at 763-236-4566.


Our highly qualified staffing team includes:

  • medical director
  • attending physicians
  • behavioral health services director
  • program manager
  • nurse manager
  • licensed and board certified alcohol and drug counselors
  • social workers
  • registered nurses
  • licensed practical nurses