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Unity Hospital

Unity Podiatric Medicine and Surgery 36 –Month Residency Program

For more information on the Podiatric Medicine Residency Program at Unity Hospital
call 763-236-8114.

The Mercy and Unity Hospitals Podiatric Residency Program is a comprehensive 36-Month Podiatric Medicine and Surgery (PM&S-36) curriculum, with emphasis on forefoot, rearfoot, ankle, and reconstructive surgery.

The program was founded in 1997, with an agreement through the Minneapolis VA Medical Center, as a 24-Month Podiatric Surgery Residency Program (PSR-24), as an advanced training institution. The Mercy and Unity Hospitals Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency Program has since completed its affiliation agreement with the Minneapolis VAMC, to become a unique 36-Month Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency Training Institution. The program currently accepts one resident each year, and is open to applicants from all institutions.

Mercy & Unity Hospitals are dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective health care to over 225,000 households in more than 26 neighboring communities in the northern metro. With a combined 546 inpatient beds, Mercy and Unity Hospitals accounted for more than 33,000 inpatient admissions and more than 89,500 Emergency Room visits in 2005 alone. Mercy Hospital consistently ranks as one of the top Hospitals in the United States as determined by the U.S. News and World Report’s list of “America’s Best Hospitals.”

The surrounding areas of Anoka County offer an excellent quality of life with an assortment of rural and urban lifestyle. An abundance of nearby parks and recreational areas are available. Mercy Hospital is located approximately 15 miles north of downtown Minneapolis.

Resident responsibilities

For more information on the Podiatric Medicine Residency Program at Unity Hospital
call 763-236-8114.


The primary responsibilities of our residents are to scrub in and contribute during surgical cases. Past residents have averaged over 500 procedures per resident per year, with a large percentage of those cases being rearfoot, reconstructive, or ankle procedures.

There are many podiatry surgery cases scheduled each day of the week (Monday thru Friday), with emergent procedures performed on weekends as well. Podiatry residents are also encouraged to assist with general surgery, orthopedic surgery, as well as plastic surgery cases when possible.


Clinical experiences are gained thru time spent in attending offices as well as at the Wound Clinic at Mercy Hospital.

The Wound Clinic at Mercy Hospital is predominantly managed by the residents with support by attending staff.

Currently the Wound Clinic is open one day per week. Emphasis is placed on conservative management of the Diabetic Foot wound; however, all types of wounds will be encountered. A large variety of products, dressings, and resources are available for treatment of these patients.

The second year resident (PGY-2) spends one day per week in clinic with the director of residency training (David J Neese, DPM). The primary objective of this experience is observing post-operative patients as well as for additional exposure with working up the complex surgical patient. Additional experiences at the Anoka and Fridley offices of Family Foot and Ankle Clinic are routinely arranged. Opportunities with other attendings are also available when requested.


Emergency Department and hospital inpatient consultations are a significant component of the residency training process. When “on-call,” the resident is responsible for any and all foot and ankle consultation requests, which may include complex trauma situations, emergent diabetic foot evaluations, as well as routine palliation for a variety of inpatient care needs.


For more information on the Podiatric Medicine Residency Program at Unity Hospital
call 763-236-8114.

Resident education is driven by individual motivation with many excellent resources available to facilitate the residency experience.

Journal Club and Radiology Conference

The Podiatry Section Journal Club occurs once per month, on the first Thursday of each month. Residents are responsible for acquiring recent journal articles that are related to the field of Podiatry and then are expected to present the pertinent findings of these articles to the attending staff.

Radiology Conference occurs once per month, on the third Thursday of each month. During the Radiology Conference, local attending surgeons present their difficult cases, and/or complications, with intent to search for additional opinions regarding treatment or to discuss related issues amongst a group of peers.

“Present” Lectures

The Podiatric Residency Lecture Series “PRESENT” is available to our resident for review during spare time.

Mercy and Unity CME Series

Mercy and Unity Hospitals sponsor a bi-weekly CME series in which local medical experts present contemporary issues in medicine. In the past, Podiatry Residents from Mercy and Unity Hospitals have provided lectures at this symposium as well.

Library Facilities

The library facilities at Mercy Hospital and with the Allina Health System are an excellent resource for individual study needs. The majority of Podiatry/Orthopedic journals are available at the Mercy Facility including the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, Foot and Ankle International, Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, and Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research. Furthermore, most journals that not available in paper are available through the hospitals “E-journal” system. Any published manuscript or text is available through inter-library loan. Many relevant texts pertaining to surgery of the Foot and Ankle are available for use at the Mercy Hospital Library.

Residency Rotations

Residents traditionally complete rotations with the Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Physical Therapy, Pathology, Internal Medicine, Vascular Surgery/Cardiology, and Prosthetics services.

Surgical experiences with General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and Plastic Surgery are “on-going,” and residents are expected to continuously participate in Podiatry clinic and surgery.


Aside from the superior educational opportunities provided through the 36-Month Mercy and Unity Podiatric Medical and Surgical Residency Program, residents enjoy exceptional benefits including affordable health and life insurance plans, a retirement savings plan, uniforms, meals, and on-site exercise facilities.

The current salary structure is as follows:

  • PGY-1: $37,000
  • PGY-2: $39,000
  • PGY-3: $40,900

The call schedule is flexible and determined amongst the residents. Residents are expected to promptly return all pages.

All medical records are electronic, including radiology studies. Transcriptions, reports, and studies are available 24 hours per day from any computer equipped with the appropriate software configurations.


For more information on the Podiatric Medicine Residency Program at Unity Hospital
call 763-236-8114.

The majority of your life as a resident is spent at Mercy Hospital. However, the program has affiliation agreements with many other local institutions, where residents may participate in clinical and surgical experiences.

Abbott Northwestern Hospital

Abbott Northwestern Hospital is the largest not-for-profit hospital in the Twin Cities area. Each year, the hospital provides comprehensive health care for more than 200,000 patients and their families from the Twin Cities area and throughout the Upper Midwest. Abbott Northwestern Hospital is cited as one of the country’s best hospitals. In 2004, the hospital was ranked in four specialty areas in the 15th annual edition of U.S. News & World Report’s "America's Best Hospitals." For more information, please visit:

Buffalo Hospital

Buffalo Hospital is a not-for-profit regional medical center located on the western edge of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. At Buffalo Hospital, you’ll find state-of-the-art facilities, personalized care in private rooms and services that are continuously being expanded. As a not-for-profit regional medical center, each year the hospital provides exceptional patient centered care to over 50,000 patients and their families. As one of the largest employers in the area, Buffalo Hospital has been named the Best Minnesota Hospital Workplace twice. For more information, please visit:

Cambridge Medical Center

Cambridge Medical Center is a regional health care facility providing comprehensive health care services to more than 30,000 residents in Isanti County. The medical center is comprised of a large multi-specialty clinic and an 86-bed hospital located on one large campus. One of the most unique aspects of the medical center is its size. Although located in the small community of Cambridge (population 5,520), the medical center has over 150,000 clinic patient visits each year, 4,000 inpatient hospital admissions, and has over 100,000 outpatient visits annually. For more information, please visit:

Elk Ridge Health

Elk Ridge Health is a state-of-the-art medical facility offering comprehensive health care in a convenient, accessible location.

Mercy and Unity Hospitals

Mercy & Unity Hospitals are dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective health care to over 225,000 households in more than 26 neighboring communities in the northern metro. Mercy & Unity Hospitals offer a vast array of services and programs, providing a continuum of care, from disease prevention to technically advanced inpatient and outpatient care. Mercy Hospital is among the best hospitals in the nation, according to the 15th annual edition of U.S. News and World Report’s “America’s Best Hospitals.” The publication ranks 177 top medical centers, from a total of 6,012, in 17 clinical specialties. It is the third year in a row that the hospital has been ranked.

St. Francis Medical Center

St. Francis Regional Medical Center provides health care for the people in Scott and Carver counties. We are a comprehensive, high quality, regional medical center, rapidly expanding to meet the needs of this fast growing area. St. Francis Regional Medical Center has been named one of the Top 100 Hospitals in the country in a recently released study of more than 6,000 acute care hospitals in the United States. St. Francis was the only Minnesota hospital in the small community class to accomplish this feat. For more information, please visit:

Podiatry Staff Physicians

For more information on the Podiatric Medicine Residency Program at Unity Hospital
call 763-236-8114.

Student externship

For more information on the Podiatric Medicine Residency Program at Unity Hospital
call 763-236-8114.

The Mercy Hospital 36-Month Podiatric Medical and Surgical Residency Program offers a one month externship, currently available to students from the William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University, the Des Moines University College of Podiatric Medicine, and to students of the Midwestern University Arizona Podiatric Medicine Program.


The externship is designed to provide insight into the life of a resident at our program. Our students have the opportunity to observe and assist with surgical cases and at our clinics.

Please read the following to help with any questions that may arise prior to start of the externship experience.

  • Call the Podiatry Office at 763.236.8114 one week prior to your start date in order to arrange a meeting for your first day. Typically, we will meet at the hospital between 7 and 8 am on Monday. We ask that our residents and students are present at the hospital from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. daily, though the schedule may vary. Students will not be required to take call, although you are welcome to attend ED visits and consults with the residents.
  • The majority of your time will be spent at Mercy Hospital. There will be activities and surgeries outside of the hospital, depending on the schedule. Parking is free at all locations.
  • Hospital scrubs are provided and may be worn during hospital and wound clinic activities. Bring your student lab coats to wear as well. Occasionally, clinical attire will be required, so be prepared.
  • You will not need your own instruments.
  • Meals are provided at the hospital cafeteria at no charge.
  • During your externship, you will be required to provide one PowerPoint lecture. The topic is entirely your choice, although past students have chosen topics based on an interesting case observed during the month. The library is available 24 hours per day and has an excellent reference section. Additionally, most journals are available electronically.
  • During each month, there will be one journal club, and two radiology case conferences. You will be responsible to present one journal article from any peer-reviewed source.

We certainly hope that you enjoy your month with us. The intent of the externship is for both the student and the staff to become acquainted. There may be down time available for independent study. Ideally, you will use the month to explore the area and the residency program, and most importantly, to learn.


The externship is not a prerequisite for residency, although it certainly will help acquaint both the student and the attending. We are open to all questions, please do not hesitate to ask.