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Unity Hospital

Pharmacy residency program rotations

During each rotation, the pharmacy resident will collaborate with pharmacists, nurses and physicians to identify, prevent and resolve medication therapy issues.

The resident must devise efficient strategies for accomplishing all required activities in a limited time frame. The focus of each rotation will be specific to the area, but may include other medication use issues as needed to care for the patients.

Emphasis will be placed on the resident's ability to improve their clinical skills in the selected area; however, the total care of the patient will also be taught. This includes the ability to multi-task and perform necessary dispensing functions.

By the end of the rotation, the resident should be competent to work independently as a novice pharmacist in the particular area, including:

  • addressing routine clinical questions from nurses and physicians
  • efficiently and effectively completing patient chart and medication administration record review
  • completing order entry
  • developing an awareness of available resources.

The preceptor will be accountable for evaluating and providing feedback to the resident. The resident may work with several pharmacists during each rotation.

Clinical rotations

Critical care
Emergency medicine
Infectious disease
Internal medicine
Medication safety
Mental health/substance abuse
Patient education rotation
Practice management