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Unity Hospital

Pharmacy Practice Residency

If you are an interested candidate and have questions, please call Jessica Swearingen, PharmD, BCPS, residency program director at
763-236-4135 or email


We are committed to helping each resident gain clinical and leadership skills and enhance professional growth. Residents completing the Pharmacy PGY1 Residency at Mercy and Unity Hospitals will be able to effectively provide patient care in multiple settings, and lead medication improvement initiatives in a community-based institutional setting.

The residency provides residents with the ability to enhance their professional ethic, gain and apply pharmacy and patient care knowledge, demonstrate effective communications skills, develop independent learning proficiency, and grow leadership and precepting skills.


The Pharmacy PGY-1 Residency at Mercy and Unity Hospitals assists residents in achieving skills and knowledge to enhance their competency as a pharmacy practitioner and leader. All program participants are expected to:

  • be able to independently provide quality direct patient care in multiple practice settings
  • demonstrate effective communication skills through formal presentations, informal presentations, written communication and verbal communication
  • develop a professional ethic consistent with the Allina Health mission and values
  • acquire the skills to evaluate evidence-based literature to promote safe, effective and cost appropriate care
  • design quality assessment and performance improvement initiatives to improve the medication use process and pharmacy processes
  • develop independent learning skills for continual professional development and enhanced direct patient care skills and leadership development.


Each resident is required to complete one major capstone project related to a specific aspect of pharmacy practice. This project will be presented at the Midwest Residency Conference. Additionally, residents will prepare a Medication Utilization Evaluation (MUE) for poster presentation at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) midyear clinical meeting and at the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee meeting. There will also be other opportunities for presentation and projects during the residents' various rotations.


Each resident staffs a decentral practice area or central pharmacy. Staffing is currently about three out of eight weekends. Each resident will work at least three of six observed holidays. This residency program observes the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) pharmacy specific duty hour requirements.