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Unity Hospital

Community Health and Wellness Initiatives

A Faith Community Nurse sitting and talking with an older man. FCN nurses provide health counseling, education and spiritual support to patients in the community.

Funds from the Mercy & Unity Hospitals Foundation support community wellness programs, such as the Faith Community Nurse Program.

This program offers personal health counseling, health education, volunteer facilitation, and spiritual care for people of all faiths.

For more information or to make a donation call the Mercy & Unity Hospitals Foundation at
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Mercy and Unity Hospitals are highly involved in improving the health of the communities we serve. Just as we provide care to patients and their families, we also form community partnerships to improve the health of the community around the hospitals. Dedicated staff members works regularly with a wide range of community organizations on a variety of activities that reach outside our hospitals and into the community. Through these activities, we not only improve the quality of life in our communities, we also help prevent medical problems from becoming serious.

Charitable gifts received by the Foundation on behalf of Mercy and Unity Hospitals enable vital programs to continue and grow, for example the Faith Community Nurse program, interpreter services, tobacco intervention programs and community health screenings.