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Cancer care services at United Hospital

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Cancer care services

We understand there's no one like you. No matter where you are in your cancer journey, we offer what you need each step of the way. By blending skill and experience with compassion, our physicians and staff provide outstanding care through the following services:

Inpatient oncology unit: Hospitalized patients receive highly skilled, sensitive care from a team of oncology caregivers that includes nurses, social workers, pharmacists, dietitians and chaplains. Family members and loved ones are also recognized and included as a vital part of each patient's support system. 

Outpatient oncology services: The services of the United Hospital Infusion Center include infusions, transfusions, chemotherapy and bone marrow biopsies for patients on an outpatient basis.

Nutrition: Registered dietitians provide all oncology patients with services such as nutritional assessments, high-risk nutrition monitoring and expert advice on diet supplementation.

Pastoral care: The experienced, sensitive pastoral care staff visits with patients on the oncology unit to help them use their spiritual resources to cope with cancer. The staff also provides spiritual ministry to family members and can coordinate referrals to the patient's own clergy.

Pharmacy: The highly skilled pharmacy staff provides their expertise to patients and staff in the areas of medication information, the use, handling, research and monitoring of medications and the use of specialized chemotherapy infusion pumps.

Psychological and social services: Psychologists are available to help patients deal with the impact of their condition on their personal, family and work lives. Social Service staff members are actively involved in evaluating patient needs and providing appropriate assistance in areas including financial services, emotional support, home care, discharge planning and transition to home and community.

Home health care: Many health care services are now available at home. Depending upon individual needs, home health services can include skilled nursing care, rehabilitation therapy, nutrition support and social services.

Hospice care: Hospice staff cares for the needs of terminally ill people and their family members in the comfort and familiarity of their home. Individuals receive compassionate care that addresses their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. If necessary, hospice can arrange for hospital care as well.