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United Hospital

Milton M. Hurwitz ExerCare Fitness Center

ExerCare Fitness Center, St. Paul, MN

For more information on membership or fitness programs, please call 651-241-8080.

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The Milton M. Hurwitz ExerCare Fitness Center, a program of United Hospital, is the only medical fitness center in the St. Paul area that provides a place for past patients, their families and other members of the community to exercise within a medically supervised environment.

Whether you have a health condition, or you would like to avoid a health condition, ExerCare is an ideal place to exercise. You will enjoy the state-of-the-art exercise equipment and the comfortable atmosphere.

Unlike other local fitness centers, ExerCare has clinically trained staff to help you with your exercise program.

We are open to the community - no United Hospital affiliation is needed.


Address: 362 Walnut Street, St. Paul, MN 55102

ExerCare is located on the United Hospital campus in downtown St. Paul. View Parking and Directions.

Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday: 5 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday: 8 a.m. – noon

Closed: New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

Early Closing: December 24 (closed at 2 p.m.) and December 31(closed at 2 p.m.)

Mission Statement

ExerCare is committed to providing an environment which inspires a healthy attitude toward life.

Our mission is to provide exercise guidance, highly-qualified, service-oriented staff and ongoing educational programs individualized for our members. We value our members and our community and continue to strive for excellence in promoting healthy and active lifestyles.

Program Features

  • Fitness assessment: girth measurements, strength/flexibility test and bike/step endurance test
  • Consultation/orientation: personal goals, individually designed exercise program and 1:1 guided workout/exercise session
  • Endurance/cardiovascular, flexibility and strength-training exercise and equipment
  • Health and lifestyle management education
  • Multidisciplinary staff (including registered nurses, exercise physiologists and diabetes educator) provide supervision in the fitness center
  • Studio for aerobic and specialty classes
  • Locker rooms with showers, free locker and lock usage, towels, soap, shampoo, deodorant, hairspray and lotion
  • Wellness library and newsletter
  • Incentive/motivation programs
  • Personal training (additional fee)

If you have health conditions, we have the following monitoring abilities:

  • Blood pressure readings
  • Blood glucose readings
  • Oxygen saturation checks
  • Quick-look EKG checks
  • On-site symptom and emergency treatment.

Specialized Fitness Programs

Unlike other local fitness centers, ExerCare has a clinically trained staff, including registered nurses and exercise physiologists, who help you with your exercise program and provide on-site symptom management and emergency care.

The clinically trained staff provides education and guidance for risk-factor reduction, and they can identify problems early and make recommendations to help prevent problems from becoming emergencies.

ExerCare offers the following specialized fitness programs.

  • Exercise Program Designed for Heart Failure Patients
  • Maintenance-Level Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
  • Peripheral Artery Disease Program

Membership Fees



Campus Employees







12 months



6 months



3 months



1 month



Punch card*



Guest Fee



  • * 6 visits to use at your convenience within 12 weeks of purchase)
  • Additional family members receive 30 percent off monthly community membership fee. (Does not apply to punch card.)
  • Five percent discount on 12-month membership if paid in full upon joining.
  • Children’s employees are eligible for a payroll deduction on 12-month contract only — other payment options are available.
  • Orientation and first month are due at time of orientation appointment.
  • All fees are plus tax.
  • Check or credit card accepted.
Prices effective 1/1/14.